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The Divergent nation

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Governments don't always represent populations which voted for them. People need strong leaders but most of all they need wise leaders to refrain from getting distracted from the course of their achievements, as a nation.

Recent comments by Netanyahu to add some special clauses in the Nuclear framework (JCPOA) to be signed by Iran and 6 other countries is such a sign of irrelevance that it comes hardly as a surprise from a profiteer.

Strange that Jewish Israelis were so determined to re-elect a guy who wants to start a war with Iran. It is desperate and not very wise and some people should definitely calculate better and more realistically their strength and wishes.

As the Iranian Leader of the Republic said in his recent comments and echoed by the Defense Minister, there is no debate about allowing inspectors into all the defense arenas of this sovereign nation.

People are not stupid, even if they are ready to negotiate. It just shows that they are brave enough to recognize that having friendly relations is much better than war and disrespect. Business and economic factors are not enough to fill the stomachs, as well as the hearts of people. Maybe a few might feel free to gain more wealth in such circumstances, but if in a deal there is not true mutual respect, there will be no commitment. It’s just like marriage. You want to live together, but if one cheats on the other, there will be  divorce.

In geopolitics there are too many incalculable factors that no logic can correctly evaluate. I am sure that if it comes to taking up arms, it will turn into another bloody moment of history not to the benefit of the Jewish people. Or the Iranians. And even all the millions of people who live in this region and beyond.

Having knowledge, intelligence or even a weapon doesn’t necessarily give a person a good vision.

In Iran people and the leaders are convinced that nuclear bombs are only for weak people, and weak leaders who can’t depend on the intelligence and strength of their own people. We could also say that having a nuclear weapon makes any country, which has one, a potential criminal nation.

It’s like having guns. Maybe people do not feel secure which makes them need such tools to kill others, even if it’s in so-called self defense.... but we can already see the consequences of such a logic in the US.

A criminal is a criminal and all true criminals should be punished.

When presidents, kings or even whole nations begin using their murder-toys to kill other innocent populations (especially neighbors) and only because they "resist" to occupation or bullying (like in Yemen or Palestine), it shows that those kingdoms or nations are on the decline.

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