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The Trump-ets of Muslim Renewal

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We should all thank the US Presidential candidate.

The message sent by the mogul of business from the roof of his high Babel Towers was clear. By voting for nationalists, and anti-Muslim leaders, even the Europeans seem to be following the same path that has been laid by the economic power force of global business.

Meanwhile Israeli “regimentarians” are drooling from the opportunity that is offered for “eradicating” the existence of Islam. This is another long term miscalculation of the Zionist lobbies and shows their repetitive ignorance of laws and revelations that have been offered to them centuries ago.

Abraham and Moses are probably going mad in heaven.

But among the positive aspects of Donald Trump’s nazi-o-nalistic initiative, to close the doors of the United States of America to Muslims, are:

1-   1 While another new western brewed war is taking place in the Levant [Mesopotamia/Middle East], Muslims can actually stay in their own countries. They will be able to die, build and/or fight for their own homes instead of abandoning their nation country (and all that they legally own) and migrating to far away not-so-free-anymore continents which are denying basic human rights even to their own native populations;

2-   2 Muslims will no longer have to participate in the scientific and technological achievements that Americans and Europeans boast so much about. Like in the past all they will be able to produce will stay as heritage for future Muslim [true God believer] generations;

3-   3 Fake Muslims will finally be uncovered. Behind the veils of Hollywood acting, hypocrisy or deviation.

4-  4  Those who will leave for the US anyhow, will prove who they really were. Those who continuously complain of their “regimes”, yet work hard to infiltrate high levels of decision making. Living in their “moderate Islamic” nations, these opponents of Islamic rule wish to see in ruin any real Islamic infrastructure, and despise certain historical heritage and cultures of their nation. These un-foreign agents, who consciously or unconsciously aim at daintily stopping all advancements of Muslim nations, are welcome to leave for their dreamland.

5-   5 Pro-Israel, born again Christians and Jews will finally find their rightful homeland, and will set free the rest of the world from their economic domination imposed by the W Street merchants.

6-   6 Just like in ancient times, trade between Muslims and Jews will be regulated differently. This will benefit the true inheritors of the underground wealth, and will finally be managed conveniently based on Islamic rules. All benefits of the trade between the rest of the world and Muslim nations will therefore be justly shared by all those who are ready to build and die for their own country.

So Thank You Mr. Trump. You have just cut off the head of the Statue of Liberty. You fired all the “less privileged” citizens of the world, but all this will come to pass because immigration will become a very long and dangerous caravan for lost souls.

Those people who are stronger in faith will stay and defend what they truly stand for in their own native countries. Not all people are biblically supposed to be scattered and dispersed around the world. Even if many people wish to see a bloody schism between Sunnis and Shias, true Muslims will be stronger when they stick together. They thank God for the privileges and rewards that they have been given in their rightful ancient homelands.

On the other hand, the ghettos and the camps in Europe, and in the US, (reminders somewhat of the past Western World Wars), will allow the unwanted and/or the immigrants, to temporarily stay on the sidewalks of “civilization”, and will show the real face of declining Western ideologies mixed with diabolic intentions and hypocritical demagogy.

Today coincidently is the day Muslims mourn the demise of their Messenger, the Holy Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). It is also a Jubilee year declared by the Catholic Pope and greets all those who will strengthen their faith by following the real teachings of past Messengers. A new beginning that although will bear the bloody scars of secularism and dark powers but it will also empower the faithful.

So thank God that the trumpets of the final hours have resonated in the ears of the true believers of the Unique God; the only God that possesses and controls all that exists, on this earth, and beyond.


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