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image The Hunger Game Movies are an example of the elimination extremes

We are reaching a world status I call the "elimination" period.

Somewhat designed based on current TV shows, in which you start with 20 candidates, only to finish with one winner! It can be a contest to promote singing, dancing, even creating companies, or anything which could entertain viewers and at the same time offer a "sado-masochist" sensational challenge. "gratuit"!

Having worked in such an organization in which some random candidates have to seek the approval of some random "judges" who are considered as "more successful" or "more important". I always thought that it's a pity to have to lose 19 other potentially good candidates who have already climbed the ladder of achievement in order to reach a platform that might send them falling down into "forgetland". A game for the witty lucky ones who are supposed to not only please the judges, but also please the social wave of followers, likers as well as the haters, who love sending their verbal roses, darts and swords.

The arenas of the Roman Empire are back.

All this mentality is seeping into the work places and even in homes where children and parents have to prove each day their worthiness to one another based on the social rules that are being set by some random players of the game.

Go for it and see if you can find it, because if you don't you're a loser!


And where is God in all this?


All the talented people and the loving feelings that exist slowly fade away into dark contemplation of; "what was it, that you did, which did not satiate the others?".

A living nightmare which can seriously damage the nervous system and turn any normal person into a bowl of hate, hard to swallow.

A terrible game of thrones mixed with a spice of hunger games, which could actually end up making it normal to "execute" people like in ancient times, when outcasts were sent to be eaten by the lions.

All these things come to pass because people have stopped thinking of Consequences. And that's because there are hardly any seemingly consequences shown. People have so much confidence in the lies that have paved their everyday lives that they think that their judgment is the reference of truth.

But for those who think and reflect in terms of "morality", these social and artistic behaviors which are carpeting our life-styles will certainly not have a good long term outcome.

The aggressions that are felt by "eliminated ones" will slip through the genocidal process of eliminating the weak and ugly. It will sink into the genes of those who survive. Amongst them there will be born the leaders and prophets of their own times which will eventually save their people from the modern pharaonic courts and kingdoms.

Let's remember that the definition of a king was that he was the "human voice of the Creator". That's how kings were "chosen", before humans started letting queens and their inner voices of "evilness" reign and bring to life the image of the mirror on the wall. A mirror which when asked  "who is the fairest?" finds a  more beautiful candidate, which eventually the Queen or King will not bear to see.

And so greed, envy, lust and all other sinful powers that consistently invade our souls, and minds, are set free. Eventually turnning into the hurricanes and tornadoes which destroy our very existence. God begins to vaccum clean or wash away with floods and earthquakes the piles of garbage thoughts and high tower actions we humans freely liberate from the inside of our guts.

The One Creator is the only One which has the power to Judge. But we the human species, offered the job to be responsible for all the other living creatures have the power to choose.But instead of choosing the "winning candidate", let's be the ladders of progress for those standing at the bottom of the hills of success. Maybe amongst those we help there will be the real life heroes of our times.

Let's put away our childish virtual comic heroes and fairy tale stories told to put us to sleep and thus put aside the realities of human existence.

That "reality" is the one explanation which can only come with true inner faith and a very special experience of understanding the existence and the constant presence of God in our everyday lives.

Some people will need life and death experiences which will ultimately teach them the lessons they are intended to learn.

Others who are convinced of this Reality from the bottom of their hearts will know that those who will be eventually eliminated on the road to redemption are the ones who are unaware of the Truth.


The Author is an Iranian Communication Consultant and currently TV host of English and French TV Channel Press TV.


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