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Mother of all Bombs

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Interesting how the "mother of all bombs" has been used on the Afghan mountains where there were hardly any ISIS terrorists living there.

Although according to reports there were 36 Daesh [ISIL-ISIS] militants killed. But with such a "big bomb", what was left of them, for such an exact account?

Except for $314 million US taxpayer money turned into a threatening cloud. Enough money to fix the water crisis in Flint almost three times.

The real reason for this useful military test on a mountainous landscape, was to see how the bomb would work in the case the Americans decide to use it against the Iranian tunnels which hold the rockets capable of destroying Israel. Also to show China (via the N Koreans) that Trump means business.

One question to be asked:  Does an American "mother" have such a mental and physical capability of killing other human beings with one of the strongest  bombs every built by the US military?

Hilary Clinton might have had second thoughts, being a real mother, but it seems Mr. Trump and his advisors are keen in showing the world they have the balls to play the games that others would have not....

Too bad nobody tells them that sticks and stones can break the bones, but bullying surely wont scare the real men who don't need gadgets and toys to beat the kids around the block.

For some people in this world dying from the plague or some other terrible death will be their destiny, others will die for their country and homes and be remembered as the real heroes of history.


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