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27 Tweets That Prove The Future Is Stupid

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Take me back to the ’90s.

1. The future is goddamn scary.

The future is goddamn scary.

2. Technology has left us open to pranks.

3. Products look like they want to steal our soul.

4. Or worse, like they want to kill us.

5. This is a thing people can actually do.

6. Pasta needs an app. PASTA.

7. You can’t turn lights on without needing an instruction manual.

8. Even getting water requires technology.

9. Everything has to come with a warning.

10. There’s just too many things to distract us.

11. And it’s getting increasingly more difficult to concentrate.

12. Everyone takes everything too personally.

13. Relationships can no longer last.

14. Really, really weird jobs exist.

15. Email addresses are distorting the names our parents gave us.

16. We’re no longer on the look out for stranger danger.

17. Everything looks too damn similar.

18. Reminders were never this absurd when we wrote them down on paper

19. Social media is just so damn confusing.

20. Seriously, who is this guy?

21. You can’t even escape by going to the movies.

22. And religion offers no peace.

23. Vanity has reached new heights.

24. Websites think they know our habits.

25. There are livestreams EVERYWHERE.

26. Babies are getting mixed up with food.

27. And it’s actually possible for teens to crash the global economy.

Jamie Jones is a senior staff writer for BuzzFeed and is based in London.


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