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8 Al-Anfal (The War Spoils)

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image Revealed at Medina 75 Words of Revelation (ayat)

The following Ayats (signs) are randomly selected on this day as a reminder to those believers in the Unique Creator of all that exists, that seeking answers to daily problems are most efficient through the journey offered within the sacred texts of the Holy Quran, the latest divine words of revelation brought to mankind through the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) Messenger of God.

In the Name of Allah the Merciful Beneficient



8:72         Verily, those who believed and migrated and strove hard and fought with their property and their lives in the Path of [God] as well as those who gave refuge and gave help to them, these are friends and supporters of one another. And as to those who believed but did not migrate, you have no duty to protect them until they migrate; but if they seek your help in the matter of religion, it is your responsibility to help them, except against the people with whom you have a covenant of mutual alliance. And [God] is the seer of what you do.

8:73         As for the disbeliever, they are friends of one another, if you [Muslims] do not do so [and do not be friends and supporters of one another], there will be mischief and corruption spread on earth*1 [because of the influence of the disbelievers.]

8:74         And those who believed and migrated and strove hard in the Path of [God], as well as those who gave them refuge and aid, these are the true believers; for them, there will be Forgiveness and a generous sustenance [from their Creator&Nurturer.]

8:75         And those who accepted Faith [in Islam] afterwards and migrated and fought for their Faith along with you, they are of you; but relatives are nearer to each other in the Book of [God].*2 Verily, [God] is the Absolute Knower of all things.



*1- In the Islamic community in particular

*2- Regarding inheritance







TANZIL : Al-Anfal



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