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38 Sād (One of the Devine Abbreviated Letters)

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The following Ayats (signs) are randomly selected on this day as a reminder to those believers in the Unique Creator of all that exists, that seeking answers to daily problems are most efficient through the journey offered within the sacred texts of the Holy Quran, the latest divine words of revelation brought to mankind through the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) Messenger of God.

In the Name of Allah the Merciful Beneficient


38:1          Sād.*1 By the Quran [which is the Book] Full of Wisdom and Admonition,

38:2          That these disbelievers are plunged in false pride and schism [against the Truth];

38:3          So many generations We did destroy before them [due to their disbelief and transgression]; and their last cry of misery was heard when there was no respite and no chance for them to be delivered;

38:4          They wondered that a Warner*2 should come to them from amongst their own folk; and the disbelievers said "Mohammad is but a liar magician!"

38:5          "Has he managed to substitute one God for various gods? Really this is a strange thing."

38:6          And the chiefs of the pagans addressed people saying:"Go and be steadfast about your gods, surely bad intentions are at work!

38:7          "We never heard of this among the last men of religion: This is nothing but a forged tale,

38:8          "How come that Mohammad has been selected among our people as the one who receives Revelation?" The truth is that they have doubts about My Message since they have not yet tasted My Chastisement;

38:9          Or have them the treasures of the bounties of your Creator&Nuturer, the Grace-Bestowing Supremepower?

38:10                Or does the Dominion of the heavens and the earth and what is between them belong to them? In such case let them ascend the heavens by means of ladders*3 [and interfere in the Divine Affairs];

38:11                They are but a weak army of some parties which will be defeated.*4

38:12                Before them the people of Noah and Hud and Pharaoh the Owner of the Pegs*5 rejected the Messengers of [God],

38:13                And also Thamud and the people of Lot and dwellers of Aikah*6, they were all parties, [and all against Faith],

38:14                But none of them who belied the Messengers escaped the Divine Punishment;

38:15                And these disbelievers of Quraish only wait for a single dreadful Outcry [which] when it comes, will destroy all simultaneously and without delay.

38:16                And they said mockingly: "O, our Creator! Hasten on giving us our portion of Chastisement before the Day of Judgment."




1- Abbreviated letters (Almoqataat) symbol the Divine Letter, the meaning of which are known only to [God]. There are 29 Surahs which have abbreviated letters prefixed to them. They are regarded as part of each Surah; However the imaginary interpretation of these letters is regarded forbidden.

2- Editors Note:  Warners are the Messengers warning their peers of the outcome of evil

3- Editors Note:  "the ladders" refer to "Jacob's ladder" to reach God

4- A Divine Prophecy about the victory of the Badr Battle which took place by [God's] Will and Aid.

5- Nailing with pegs was a cruel torture restored by Pharoah [also believed to be the Crucifixion].

6- Editors Note: Aikah (Aiykah) are The progeny of Prophet Abraham from his wife Keturah




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