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5 Al-Maidah (The Heavenly Food)

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image Revealed at Medina 120 Words of Revelation (ayats)

The following Ayats (signs) are randomly selected on this day as a reminder to those believers in the Unique Creator of all that exists, that seeking answers to daily problems are most efficient through the journey offered within the sacred texts of the Holy Quran, the latest divine words of revelation brought to mankind through the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) Messenger of God.



5:82         [O, Messenger!] Verily, you will find the Jews and the pagans the strongest among mankind in enmity to the believers;*1 and you will find that the closest to the believers in friendship are those who say: "We are Nassa ra."*2 That is because among them are learned priests and devoted monks and they are not arrogant [against the Truth];

5:83         And when they hear what has been sent down to the Messenger.*3 you will see their eyes overflow with tears on account of what they recognize of Truth and they pray: "O, our Creator&Nuturer! We are the believers, so write us down among the witness [of the Truth]."

5:84         [And they say:] "Why should we not believe in [God] and what has come to us of the Truth, while we wish that our Creator&Nuturer would admit us [in paradise] along with the righteous ones?"

5:85         So, in response to this prayer. [God] rewarded them the Gardens in which streams flow; they will abide therein forever; and such is the reward of the good-doers;

5:86         But those who disbelieved and belied our Revelations, they shall be the inhabitants of Hell.



1- The Muslims

2- Christians

3- The Holy Quran


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