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43 Az-Zukhruf (The Ornaments)

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image Revealed at Mecca 89 Words of Revelation (ayat)

The following Ayats (signs) are randomly selected on this day as a reminder to those believers in the Unique Creator of all that exists, that seeking answers to daily problems are most efficient through the journey offered within the sacred texts of the Holy Quran, the latest divine words of revelation brought to mankind through the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) Messenger of God.

In the Name of Allah the Merciful Beneficient


43:74       Verily, the sinners will be in the Chastisement of Hell forever,

43:75       Their punishment will not be lightened for them; and there will be in utter despair;

43:76       We did not wrong them but they did wrong themselves;

43:77       They cry out "O, Malik!*1 If only your Creator would let us die!" Malik will say: "No! You shall remain here [to suffer]."

43:78       [God will state to them:] : We did bring the Truth to you, but most of you were reluctant about the Truth."

43:79       The disbelievers were decisive about denying the Truth and We too determined for their punishment;

43:80       Or do they think that We do not hear their secret talks and plans? We do indeed know all the secret talks because Our Angels are with them to record what they say;

43:81       Say [O, Messenger!]: "If there was a son for Ar-Rahman, I would be the first to worship him."

43:82       Absolute pure is the Creator of the heavens and the earth, the Creator of the lofty Throne and [It] is Free from what they attribute to [It];

43:83       So let them plunge into their vain ideas and their vanities until they meet the Day which they are promised.

43:84       And [God] is the One Who is God in the Heavens and on Earth and [It] is the Knowing Sovereign;

43:85       And [It] is the Owner of all Blessings and to [It] belongs the Dominion of the heavens and the earth and what is between them; and with [It] is the Knowledge of the Hour of Resurrection and to [It] shall you people be brought back.

43:86       And those*2 whom you invoke besides [God] have no right for intercession; only those who bear witness to the Truth and possess the required Knowledge [for witnessing] have the right to intercede.

43:87       And if you ask them who created them, they will surely say: "[God]" how then are they turned away from the Truth?

43:88       And the Messenger complained saying: "O, my Creator&Nurturer! These are a people who do not believe."

43:89       [O, Messenger] So leave them, and say "Good bye!" Soon they will see the consequences of their deeds.



1- The Angel in charge of Hell

2 - False deities



TANZIL: Az-Zukhruf

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