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5 Al-Maidah (The Heavenly Food)

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The following Ayats (signs) are randomly selected on this day as a reminder to those believers in the Unique Creator of all that exists, that seeking answers to daily problems are most efficient through the journey offered within the sacred texts of the Holy Quran, the latest divine words of revelation brought to mankind through the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) Messenger of God.

In the Name of Allah the Merciful Beneficient


104- And when it is said to them: "Come now to what [God] has sent down, and to the Messenger," they say: "Enough for us is what we found our fathers believed in." Even if their fathers had no knowledge and were not guided [do they follow them?]


105- O, you who believe ! It is a duty on you the care of your conduct: He who strays cannot harm you when you are guided on the right way; to [God] is the return of you all, then [in the Hereafter] [It] shall inform you [about] what you used to do [in this world].


106-  O, you who believe! When death approaches one of you, call to witness two just persons from among yourselves, when making a bequest; and two others from other than you, if you are travelling in the land and if the calamity of death befalls you; detain the two [witnesses] after their prayers, then if you suspect them, they should both swear by [God], saying: "we will not sell this witnessing for any price, though the beneficiary be a kinsman, and we will not hide the testimony of [God]; [if we do] certainly we will be among the sinners."


107- If then it gets disclosed that those two [witnesses] had committed the sin of perjury [the two nearest in kin and] from among those who have a claim, and they should swear by [God], saying: "Our testimony is truer than the testimony of those two; and we have not exceeded the limit in such case, we would be [before God] among the transgressors."


108- That is more appropriate and closer to the fact that their testimony would be in its true shape, and for them to fear that you may check back by means of other oaths following their own oaths. And fear from the disobedience of [God] and listen [to God's Commands and know that] [God] does not guide the people who are rebellious and disobedient.


109- [O, Messenger!] Be reminded of the Day when [God] will gather the Messengers together and will ask them: "What was the response you received from mankind to your guidance and teachings?" They will say: "We have no knowledge; you are the Absolute Knower of the hidden secrets."


110- The [God] will state: "O, [Jesus], son of [Mary]! Recount My Favor to you and to your mother when I confirmed you with Jibrail*1 so that you could speak to the people in the cradle and  in maturity [as a Messenger] and when I taught you the Book and Wisdom the Taurat*2 and the Injil*3; and when you made out of clay the figure of the bird by  My Leave, you breathed into it and it became a bird by My Leave, and you healed those born-blind and the lepers by My Leave and when you brought the dead to life by My Leave. And also when I withheld the Children of Israel from harming you and when you came to them with Evident Signs and Miracles and the disbelievers among them said: "This is nothing but obvious magic."


111- And [O, Messenger! be reminded] when I inspired the Disciples [of Jesus] to believe in Me and My Messenger,*4 they said: [O, our Creator&Nurturer] "We believe and bear witness upon our submission to [God] as muslims."


112- And the Disciples said: "O, [Jesus], son of [Mary]! Can your Creator&Nurturer send down to us a Heavenly Food from the Heaven?" [Jesus] said: "Fear [God] if you are true believers."*5



*1- Gabriel

*2- Torah

*3- Bible

*4- Jesus Christ

*5- Implying you should not mistrust [God]'s Power by making such demand






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