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Sparks of popular uprisings across nations are the apparent signs of a deep rooted dissatisfaction that has sunk into the lives of millions of people from all around the world.

The warmongering-capitalistic greed that has taken over the planet has broken not only many lives but also the hearts of people who are standing up to the injustices that have been inflicted on them while a few decision makers have lost sight of their true God and their real responsibilities.

The power of Greed has been slowly destroying every bit of humanity along its path.

Although things are about to change …even for the worst, yet this “awakening” will finally lead the way to a better world that is sure to come, if people resist, all those temptations and all the actions that could empower the demons, which have taken over our world.

In the Name of God

…But when Jesus son of Mary was mentioned as a Sign of God’s Power, [regarding his birth] your people laughed at it;

And they said : “Are our gods better or He?” This they said just in order to raise a dispute with you, indeed they are a contentious people;

But Jesus was not more that an obedient worshipper on whom we bestowed Our Favor and appointed him an example for the Children of Israel;

And if We had Willed We could make Angels in the land to succeed you [as Messengers].

And indeed his coming to existence [without having a father] is a Sign of God’s Power; the same way We shall raise up the dead on the Resurrection Day. Do not doubt about the Hour and obey Me: This is the Straight Path.

Do not let Satan hinder you [O; men] from God’s Way, since [Satan] is to you an open enemy.

When Jesus came with Evident Miracles to them, he said: “I have come to you with the Divine Knowledge from God in order to make clear to you things that you differ in and you have raised dispute over them, so fear from the Disobedience of God’s Commands and obey me,

“Verily, God is my Creator and your creator, so worship Him and worshipping Him alone is the Straight Path.”

But [after Jesus] the parties fell into dispute among themselves. So Woe to the polytheists from the Chastisement of the Day of Distress!

Do they but wait for the Hour of Resurrection which comes on them suddenly while they perceive not?

On the Day friends [among the believers] become foes to each other, but for the pious there will be a blessed situation:

[To the pious will be stated:] “O, My sincere worshippers! Today no fear shall be on you, nor shall you grieve,”…

Holy Quran – Surah 43 (Az Zukhruf -the Ornaments): Ayat 57 – 68

(translation by late Tahereh Saffarzadeh)

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